Hand-lettered Victor Hugo Quote

Just wanted to share a little weekend project of mine: hand-lettering a Victor Hugo quote about love and flowers. You know, the stuff weekends (and life) should be made of. I’m also sharing the pencil sketches I started with so you can see a bit of my creative process.

I always start out with good ol’ pencil and paper. Erasers are handy. So is the ability to say to yourself, “That looks like total crap, start over,” or “Hmm, interesting idea, keep pushing…”


Here is my preferred sketch “inked,” i.e. I got the calligraphy tools (using the “Blue Pumpkin” or Brause 361 nib here, with black Higgins Eternal ink) out and had at it:


After some high-res scanning, a bit of clean-up in Photoshop, and vectorization in Illustrator, I came up with this:


It’s not perfect, but I’ve already gotten so much satisfaction out of just picking up an idea, executing, and sharing fairly quickly. Happy weekend!

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