San Francisco Diaries: Downtown at Noon

High off a lunchtime iced chai latte and a creative project meeting Downtown, I flitted about Market Street, Union Square, and Chinatown with camera in hand, fancying myself a “street shooter.” Truth be told, I’m much more at home taking macro shots of flowers and naturescapes, with the occasional architectural detail snapped here and there (proof on my Instagram). I’m much more at home staying away from Downtown as well, but I decided there was no better day to push myself out of my artistic (and social, haha) comfort zone than today! Here is what ensued.

Maiden Lane Lights | Photo by Carla Gabriel Garcia

Peering into Maiden Lane (a quaint alleyway just off Union Square) at high noon. For all the talk about the Golden Hour (sunrise/sunset), I do love me some deep shadows and dramatic contrast.

Maiden Lane Gate | Photo by Carla Gabriel Garcia

Teahouse Sign | Photo by Carla Gabriel Garcia

Looking up at the noontime sun on my way to Market Street. Picture was blah in color but deliciously intense in black and white.

Brick at the Museum | Photo by Carla Gabriel Garcia

Couldn’t resist a texture shot of the red brick walls at the Jewish Contemporary Museum.

Gilded Mirror in Window | Photo by Carla Gabriel Garcia

A little gilded and sparkly love in a shop window on Union Square.

Chinatown Music Man | Photo by Carla Gabriel Garcia

A quiet capture in Chinatown.

Building from Maiden Lane | Photo by Carla Gabriel Garcia

Leaves on Maiden Lane | Photo by Carla Gabriel Garcia

Pink Balloons on Maiden Lane | Photo by Carla Gabriel Garcia

Back on Maiden Lane about an hour later from when the first shots were taken.

I had a lot of fun editing these photos in Lightroom (I’m pushing myself past my comfort zone with that part too), and I’m thinking of posting some photo editing tutorials here in the next few weeks. Would you like to see the process behind creating these images? Let me know in the Comments below!

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