Travel Journal: A Quiet Summer (Video)

Travel Journal: A Quiet Summer from Carla Gabriel Garcia on Vimeo.

Hi folks! I’m so happy to share with you some scenes from our recent summertime trip to Santa Cruz, California (we stayed at this wonderful Airbnb). Funny, last time I posted about travel was also for a Santa Cruz trip—I just love the place :-).

I started out trying to compile a full-on montage of ALL the wonderful experiences we had on our trip. (Yep, this was just a small but oh-so-satisfying sliver.) But when I started editing, I realized that these scenes had quite a different tone from the rest of our adventures. So I decided to let them tell their own quiet story, apart from the rest. Hopefully those will see the light of day too :-) I’ll be posting future films and photos here, so fret not about missing out. In case you don’t always check back on my blog, here are a few ways to follow along for updates:

  • I post snapshots of my travels, eats, and all-around craftiness as @carlagabrielgarcia on Instagram
  • I can personally let you know when I add new blog posts, photos, and videos if you join my mailing list below (I’ll pop in about once a month or so—no need for excessive inbox clutter).


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