Watercolor Rose Experiments

Continuing to teach myself watercolor painting…

Found this tutorial on YouTube for “soft watercolor roses” last week:

The artist, “brushnpaper,” makes it look so effortless! I wanted to try it immediately, but as I am still feeling my way through the watercolor world, I realized I was short a round brush (all of my experiments up to now have been with just a single-sized angled brush). So I mosey-ed on over to my neighborhood Blick shop (is there any greater honeytrap than an art supply store, or bookstore?), got some great tips from watercolor artist John Haag, and happily found myself the owner of a very affordable beginner brush set (including a #8 round!) and a clamshell palette (oh, and a few 2B pencils–can never have too many of those lying around).


So, back to the tutorial. As you can see, I practiced the method in this tutorial a few times, then deviated a little bit. I think the original method is still the best for getting anywhere close to a semblance of a rose… It’s funny, with watercolor (as opposed to other mediums), I feel like right from the beginning you need a lot of faith that it’s all going to work out in the end: you need to trust that you’re leaving the right spots untouched so they can later be “revealed” to be the highlights, you need to be patient and let layers dry accordingly, you need to envision the final rose and believe that even though it just looks like a watery blob right now, and still does after a few more strokes, it WILL eventually become a rose :-)

I stuck to the same color, with just very little varying up of the shade–the yellow in the video tutorial is a little too bright for my liking. I was too focused on getting the flower part right so I’ll have to spend more time in the future with the leaves.

More watercolor experiments to come!

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